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Magic Fumigation

Magic Fumigation is a certified quarantined facility
that offers USDA fumigation services. We are based
in New York near JFK International Airport, but can
fumigate freight from anywhere in the world.

Cooler / Storage

Magic Fumigation's cooler/storage area is temperature
and air controlled to safely protect your valuables
before and after the fumigation process.

Museum / Artifacts Fumigation

The Museum and Artifact Division is experienced in
wood and fabric artwork, household rugs, oriental rugs,
wood furniture and historical wood artifacts.

Home and Office Fumigation

Magic will inspect your home and office furniture for pests,
and, if necessary, you can bring the infested items to the
fumigation building to eliminate all stages of insects.

Bed Bugs Exterminating

Magic Fumigation can eliminate bed bugs and
other pests in your furniture, electronics, clothing, etc.
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Full Service Pest Control,
NYC to Long Island

Magic Fumigation's other branch is Magic Exterminating
which is a full service pest control company capable
of handling any and all pest problems in residential,
commercial and industrial settings. Our service areas
include Long Island, New York City (NYC), Brooklyn,
Queens and the Bronx.

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Did you Know?

Bedbug Fumigation

You can obtain 100% control for bedbugs when you have all your belongings fumigated with Vikane (Sulfuryl Fluoride). Fumigating will kill all stages of bed bugs including 100% of the eggs.

Fumigating with Vikane (Sulfuryl Fluoride) is used by Magic Fumigation for treating pests like bedbugs, carpet beetles, dry wood termites, powder post beetles, and clothing moths.

Magic Fumigation is owned and operated by the same group as Magic Exterminating who has been in business for over 50 years.

Magic Fumigation is a certified quarantined Facility that offers USDA fumigation services. We also provide cooler services for freight pre or post fumigation. Magic is a USDA customs warehouse, and the largest facility of its kind in the Northeast.

Magic will fumigate all inbound cargo quarantined by the USDA from JFK International Airport as well as Newark International Airport. Magic will also fumigate all perishable items such as yams, lablab beans, thyme and leafy vegetables, cut flowers, chestnuts, nursery stock, fruit, grapes and blueberries.

Magic will also perform fumigations for ocean shipping containers from ports such as Redhook in Brooklyn, Port Richmond in Staten Island, Elizabeth and Newark ports in New Jersey.

We also provide services to museums, homes, and offices for art and furniture fumigation.

All methods of fumigation have one factor in common: they must provide a means by which to hold an adequate concentration of fumigant for the time necessary to kill the target pests.